Spring 2017

Celebrating the Class of 2017  5/25/2017
SAIS Europe Celebrates the Class of 2017  5/20/2017
A Presentation on Northern European Security  5/16/2017
Democracy: Stories From the Long Road to Freedom, with Condoleezza Rice  5/12/2017
Which Europe After the French Election?  5/12/2017
The Future of Liberalism In Europe: Taking Stock After the French Elections  5/11/2017
Cultural Diplomacy  5/8/2017
Advancing Canadian Interests and Defending Canadian Values in the United States  5/2/2017
A Conversation with author Anne Hillerman  4/27/2017
Securing a Sustainable Future: Global Women in Leadership Annual Conference  4/21/2017
A Conversation on Building Europe's Future  4/20/2017
The 4th Industrial Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges  4/19/2017
The Political Economy of Gender in Africa  4/14/2017
Pakistan Today: The Case for US-Pakistan Relations  4/13/2017
Nothing for Women Without Women: Raising Voices for Change  4/12/2017
Women's Leadership and the New World (Dis)Order  4/10/2017
Becoming a Highly Successful Entrepreneur: A Conversation With Jeffrey Raider  4/6/2017
A Conversation With General Michael Hayden  4/4/2017
Arctic Security Conference: Hot Spot or Cold Front?  4/3/2017
US-Asia Relations: Past and Future  3/31/2017
The Rise of Populism: A Global Approach  3/30/2017
The Causes of Wars  3/27/2017
The Unraveling of the Global Order: Asia Adjusts  3/24/2017
International Development and Supply Chain Innovation: A West Elm Case Study  3/15/2017
Culture Change at the State Department: Inclusive Government Leaders Share Their Insights    3/6/2017
A Conversation with Ambassador Deborah Jones  3/6/2017
SAIS' Got Talent  3/4/2017
Negotiation Opportunities and the Challenges Ahead  2/27/2017
The Challenges of Security and Development in Africa  2/27/2017|
The Point of Intersection: Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie  2/24/2017|
Lessons from the Last Mile: Reflections on a Career Shaped by the Peace Corps  2/15/2017
A Conversation on Asia's Economic Challenges  2/13/2017
Who's Coming to the Embassy Tonight?  2/13/2017
New Challenges for the Refugee Regime  2/7/2017
A Conversation with TIAA CEO Roger W. Ferguson, Jr  2/3/2017
The Big Stick: The Limits of Soft Power and the Necessity of Military Force  2/2/2017
Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies  2/2/2017
The Future of Afghanistan and the Region in the New Administration  1/9/2017
The Way Ahead: The US-Japan Relationship Under the Trump-Abe Administrations  1/6/2017
EIA's Annual Energy Outlook for 2017  1/5/2017

Fall 2016

Food Systems for Sustainable Development  12/16/2016
A Conversation with Colombian Ambassador Juan Carlos Pinzón  12/6/2016
China's Role in the Middle East  12/2/2016
Latin America and the Asian Giants  11/16/2016
US Monetary Policy: Current Concerns of a Fed Policymaker  11/16/2016
International Dinner 2016  11/12/2016
Thinking Historically: A Guide to Strategy and Statecraft  11/10/2016
How to Operate a Crystal Ball: Speculative Predictions in a Complex World  11/9/2016
Afghanistan and the Asian Future  11/2/2016
A Conversation with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  10/27/2016
Combating Terrorist Financing  10/20/2016
A Conversation with Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi  10/19/2016
Latin America as an Emerging Market  10/21/2016
The Future of Global Jihadism  10/18/2016
Orient Express: Chinese Infrastructure Engagement in Africa  10/13/2016
Women Leaders Making a Difference on the Global Stage  10/12/2016
Hopkins-Nanjing Center Founders' Reception  10/10/2016
The Current State of US-Russia Relations  10/11/2016
Launching the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs  10/6/2016
Emerge85: A New Lab for Global Connectivity  10/4/2016
Europe in Turmoil  10/4/2016
Defense Against the Dark Arts with Madeleine Albright  10/3/2016
Afghanistan on the Eve of Brussels  9/29/2016
South Lebanon as a Vantage Point for the Processes of B/ordering  9/29/2016
An Assessment of Obama's Long Game: A Conversation With Eliot Cohen and Derek Chollet  9/20/2016
Dealing with Systemic Corruption: A Discussion with Francis Fukuyama  9/19/2016
Crisis Stability In Space  9/15/2016
Justice Alito's Visit to the Hopkins-Nanjing Center  9/12/2016
The Envoy: From Kabul to the White House  9/7/2016
Global Conference on Women in the Boardroom  9/7/2016

Spring 2016

Energy Information Administration's Annual Energy Outlook 2016  6/28/2016
Responding to Lebanon's Syrian Refugee Crisis  6/24/2016
The Hopkins-Nanjing Center's 30th Anniversary Celebration  6/17/2016
Celebrating the Class of 2016 5/19/2016
Roundtable Discussion With NATO Parliamentarians: Security Challenges  5/9/2016
Russia's Long Journey to Economic Recovery  5/6/2016
What Policies Could Normalize Markets? IMF's April 2016 Global Financial Stability Report  5/3/2016
A Conversation with Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh, UAE Permanent Representative to the UN  5/2/2016
Philippines 2016: Governance, Growth, Development, and Security  4/28/2016
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley at the Annual Enders Lecture on U.S.-Canadian Relations  4/28/2016
Pandemics in a Changing Climate: Evolving Risk and the Global Response  4/26/2016
SAIS Europe Alumni Weekend  4/22/2016
Global Governance: An Assessment  4/20/2016
Access to a Healthier World: Sustaining Women, Communities, and Our Future (4th Annual SAIS Global Women in Leadership Conference)  4/15/2016
Prospects for an Economic Growth Rebound in Southeast Asia  4/12/2016
Mission Failure: America and the World in the Post-Cold War Era  4/4/2016
Aspen Institute U.S. Congressional Visit to the Hopkins-Nanjing Center  4/1/2016
China's New Economic Plans  3/29/2016
Defense Against the Dark Arts, with CIA Director John Brennan  3/23/2016
Long Term Growth Prospects for the Middle East and Central Asia  3/22/2016
A Conversation with HBO's Richard Plepler  3/10/2016
A Conversation with Steve Strongin of Goldman Sachs  3/4/2016
The Future of the Global Economy  3/2/2016
A Place to Remember, Commemorate, and Celebrate  2/24/2016
Constitutional Reforms in Italy  2/19/2016
After Sanctions: Challenges Facing the Iranian Economy  2/17/2016
Race, Class and Community: Democratizing Higher Education  2/16/2016
2016 Rostov Lecture on International Affairs  2/10/2016
The China Exit Interview  2/3/2016

Fall 2015

Launching the Women's Leadership Initiative  12/17/2015
Kissinger 1923-1968: The Idealist   12/9/2015
The Evolution of ISIL  12/9/2015
The Future of Productivity 11/26/2015
A Conversation with William J. Burns  11/17/2015
Negotiating Climate Change  11/13/2015
An Evening with the Kunqu Opera  11/12/2015
Restructuring Finance for the Global Economy, with Bertrand Badré  11/12/2015
2015 International Dinner 11/7/2015
The UN in the New Global Landscape  11/5/2015
Rethinking Regional Security: An Enabler, Not an End  10/22/2015
Emerging Trends in Global Energy  10/21/2015
A Conversation with Michael Lynton  10/19/2015
The EU Migration Crisis  10/8/2015
Restructuring Finance for the Global Economy, with Kenneth Jacobs  10/1/2015
US Policy Towards the Middle East  9/17/2015