Ambassador Thomas Pickering, Vice Chairman, Hills & Company
Ambassador Princeton Lyman, Senior Adviser to the President, U.S. Institute of Peace
Galia Golan, Darwin Professor emerita, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Vali Nasr, Dean, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
Moderated by I. William Zartman, Jacob Blaustein Distinguished Professor Emeritus of International Organization and Conflict Resolution

February 27, 2017

Renowned experts in international relations gathered for a panel discussion of major topics they say will factor into diplomatic negotiations in the next year. These issues include: regression of nuclear weapons, Ukraine, China and the South China Sea, avoiding the destruction of European integration, conflict in Syria, and conflict in Yemen.

Ambassador Princeton Lyman concentrated on the occurrence of past conflicts that still exist today. Additionally, Lyman said technological developments are taking away some of the traditional pathways out of poverty, stressing the need for new economic paradigms.

Galia Golan centered on past negotiations regarding Israel and Palestine and the lessons we can draw from them. Golan claimed that many of the issues in these negotiations stemmed from mutual mistrust and devious leaders who had no intention of following through with the negotiations.

Johns Hopkins SAIS Dean Vali Nasr spoke about the context in which the resolution of conflicts have taken place or are expected to have shifted. He also drew attention to the current vacuum in Washington and the opportunities that creates to drive things forward with less resistance.

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