3rd Annual Research Conference of the SAIS China-Africa Research Initiative (CARI)

Keynote: Jamie Monson, Professor of History and Director of African Studies at Michigan State University
Deborah Bräutigam, Director of International Development Program and China-Africa Research Initiative

List of Panelists

October 13-14, 2016

Johns Hopkins SAIS recently hosted the 3rd annual China-Africa Research Initiative (CARI) Conference from October 13-14. This year, the theme was ‘Orient Express: Chinese Infrastructure Engagement in Africa’ and scholars from the US, China, UK, Canada, and Nigeria presented research on Chinese investments in Africa including in ports, telecommunications, and hydropower.

The event kicked off with remarks by Ambassador Shu Zhan, a current Research Fellow at the Institute of African Studies at Zhejiang Normal University who has previously served in numerous diplomatic positions in African embassies. He spoke about the growth of Chinese investment in Africa over the years through mutual cooperation and introduced the keynote speaker, Jamie Monson, Professor of History and Director of African Studies at Michigan State University. In her remarks, Monson drew connections between the history of Chinese engagement in Africa as well as the importance of infrastructure in development work.

For the remainder of the conference, experts including Johns Hopkins SAIS students and scholars presented various research papers on Chinese investment in African infrastructure. A number of panels focused on specific areas of Chinese investment. The first panel on roads, railroads and ports featured Professor Monson and other experts who discussed the rapid progress made in transportation projects in the African continent. A panel on the same subject was also led by David Kiwuwa from the University of Nottingham in Ningbo, China to discuss these papers in further detail. David Ehrhardt from Castalia Strategic Advisors chaired another panel on how national governments in Africa can help finance investment projects with the Chinese private sector.


Panel 1: Roads, Railroads, and Ports I


Panel 2: Roads, Railroads, and Ports II


Panel 3: Power


Panel 4: Financing


Panel 5: Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility


Panel 6: Labor and Skills Transfer