The China Exit Interview
Co-hosted with The Paulson Institute

Bill Bishop (Class of '95), Writer, The Sinocism China Newsletter
Gady Epstein, Media Editor at The Economist
Jeremy Goldkorn, Founder and Director of Danwei
Evan Osnos, Staff Writer for The New Yorker
Moderated by Paulson Institute Vice Chairman Evan A. Feigenbaum

February 3, 2016

China can seem like a mysterious and bewildering place to outsiders, but for a close-knit group of foreign media correspondents who spent many years living and working in the "middle kingdom," it was a second home. However, in recent years the Chinese government has tightened its media censorship and cracked down hard on civil society groups pressing for reforms.

Panelists shared their rich perspectives on life in modern China and the challenges of doing business in a land where growth is all-consuming. Each speaker ultimately decided the time had come to end their China adventure and decamp to the U.S. as the atmosphere under the Xi Jinping administration was growing increasingly critical of foreign influences and uncomfortable for outsiders.

Panelists discuss "The China Exit Interview" at Johns Hopkins SAIS, February 3, 2016. From left: Bill Bishop of The Sinocism China Newsletter, Evan Osnos of The New Yorker, Jeremy Goldkorn of Danwei, Gady Epstein of The Economist, and Evan Feigenbaum of the Paulson Institute.